Cleaning and Transport

The PVC material used to construct inflatable dog beds is easily cleaned with a mild soap, helping to keep odors, allergens and pests away. When necessary, an inflatable bed can quickly be deflated and folded into our tote for pet-friendly travel or convenient storage.

1. Easy to clean and sanitize 

2. Our beds never lose shape or size. 

3. No down time with our snap-able


4. Our beds are great for dogs that suffer from incontinence issues. 

5. The inflatable concept of bed alleviates pressure on joints in older arthritic dogs and contours to your pet providing firm support. 

6. Super easy for pet friendly travel. 

7. Beds are for indoor or outdoor use. 

8. Less odor and build up of dust mites and other allergens. 

9. No place to harbor fleas and other types of pests. 

10. The durable pvc material makes clawing nearly impossible.

Our Inflatable Pet Bed